Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Family Pictures

I have been wanting to take a family picture of us for some time to send out to friends and family. On Saturday mom and dad came back to take some pictures since the weather was nice.

Monday, October 5, 2009

1st day, 1 deer down

Bryan has and will always be a hunter. He will make a hunter out of one of our children as well. Saturday was the first day of bow and since he had the weekend off, he was eager to get up early and sit in the woods waiting for the deer to hopefully come his way. He didn't have any luck in the morning, but it was a different story in the evening. Bryan got a 5 point. He's always so proud of his deer. He took Kaleigh down to the store with him to check it in.
Now I will have to share a hunting story with you. I have never been a huge fan of hunting for the simple reason of not being able to sit still and quiet long enough. It is also usually cold and too early to get up for something you don't enjoy. During our first couple years of dating Bryan tried to get me to go hunting with him but I was quick to say "no." I would practice shooting his gun when he'd practice at his house but it was just for fun. I must say I have pretty good aim! :)Then one year he talked me in to going. Oh the things you do for the people you love. Anyway, I shot a doe that year. If I went again Bryan wanted me to gut the next deer I got. Probably to see my squirm. So the next year when I shot my second deer it was my turn to gut it. He did everything I just had to do the last little bit. I came prepared with my long rubber gloves (that was the only way I would agree to it so that my arms and hands would stay clean). After I was done and thought I took good precautions I came to find out that there was a hole in my glove and my hands still got messy. So we had a good laugh, but I don't think I've been hunting since.