Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down Home on the Farm

Today I took Kaleigh and Cassidy to Down Home on the Farm. This week they have a butterfly exhibit that I thought the girls would enjoy so we ventured out to take a look.
They have other activities for the kids to do. One being a wooden train. I think we spent the most time playing on the train.
They gave cow train rides.
(several cow cars like this one linked together, pulled by a four-wheeler). They also have cow swings that are adorable. Cassidy did NOT want to get off!!
Feeling the waterThe girls enjoyed looking at the butterflies, but were not at all interested in letting one sit on their hand.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a little fishin

Kaygen (our niece) is back speding several days with Bryan's parents. Kaleigh is loving her time with Kaygen and staying with Mamaw and Pap. Yesterday evening after supper they called to say they were taking the girls fishing at their pond, so we went down to join them.
Kaleigh was all about fishing on Bryan's pole until they caught one and she took off the other way!!
Kaleigh's fish.....she did quite well. She started off 3 for 3. Cassidy with her catch.
Kaygen with her fish.
Pap's Girls
It was a beautiful evening out fishin!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Cassidy!!

On Friday, June 3, Cassidy turned two. We celebrated today with our family.
Ice cream cake is a must for birthday's in the Harper house.
I think Kaleigh announced what each of Cassidy's gifts were before Cassidy knew what it was.Little Miss AbbyHer pride and joy. A new bike!!
Happy Birthday, Cassidy!!