Friday, May 28, 2010


4 years....3 kids......2 jobs.....1 home and a 1 year old
4 Years
Bryan and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary today and although he is working and it is Cassidy's first birthday as well hopefully we can at least get out to dinner just the two of us. I know 11 years ago when Bryan and I first started dating, getting married was never a thought because I was only in the 10th grade. We sure have come a long way.
3 Kids
Many of you know that we are expecting our third child in early October. We are excited about welcoming another baby girl into our family!! With it being summer the last four months will probably fly by too quickly.
2 Jobs
Bryan and I both have wonderful jobs that we are very thankful for. Bryan is a corporal in the jail and has worked there for the past three years. He doesn't seem to mind the rotation that they work because of the days off, but we miss not seeing him as often at home. I am finishing my 4th year teaching second grade at John C. Myers Elementary School and love my work. It can very time consuming, but teaching is very rewarding.
1 Home and a 1 year old
We have been in our home for just over a year. There are little things that still need to be done, but will get done in time. I don't always look forward to the 25 minute drive to work or 45 minute drive to my parents, but Bergton is a beautiful place. It is where we will raise our children and are thankful for the open space and surrounding. We also are celebrating Cassidy's first birthday today!! I can't believe she is already one. She is busy walking and I love watching her beam when she walks around because she enjoys it so much. She is a very upbeat and happy child. She loves to smile and has enjoyed beginning to feed herself although more ends up on her then in her mouth. Kaleigh and her are interacting more and love to play together. Happy Birthday Cassidy!