Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween Trick or Treating

This is the first year that we have taken the girls trick or treating. Last year we were at the beach over Halloween and I guess I've always thought its been too cold, or the girls were too young or Bryan was working and I didn't want to take them out myself. We had decided to have the girls dress up, hide candy around our house and then watch a Halloween movie while eating popcorn. Kaleigh had stayed at Bryan's parents to hand out candy, so we surprised her by bringing down her costume and then taking them around the ridge. Cassidy was so excited to ring the doorbell and Bryan's parents. She was giggling and jumping up and down!! I wish we had gotten a picture. I think each house we went to give a treat bag with lots of goodies or the girls were given handfuls of candy. Most people in Bergton probably only get 10-20 kids so they seem to give a lot. Anyway, the girls each came home with a bag full of candy. They will be ready to go again next year!!!

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