Monday, December 9, 2013

Polar Express Train Ride-Weekend Trip

This weekend we took the girls on The Polar Express Train Ride in Elkins, WV. Bryan's parents joined us as well. Elkins is about 2 1/2 hours away so we left around lunch time Friday. Our train ride was at 7:15 so that gave us some time to check in at our hotel, go out for dinner and then come back and have the girls get dressed in their pj's for the ride. 

Before boarding kids could color pictures, write a letter to Santa and get a holiday tattoo. 
 They punched our tickets!!
 Kaleigh has never been a fan of Santa and will walk the other way at the mall and will fuss because she is scared. If you knew how much she did not like Santa, it was quite a surprise when she willingly sat on his lap without me needing to ask. She says she not scared anymore. 

 Santa gave everyone a silver bell. 

 We ate at CJ Maggie's before our ride. The kids enjoyed making a noodle necklace, the food was great and they had live music!!
We had planned to stay the night, so the next morning, I took the girls swimming for  a little while before heading home. 
We had a wonderful time!!

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